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Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in New Jersey After a serious injury from a car accident, medical negligence, or another kind of accident, you may wonder what’s next. You will likely need help getting compensation. You should file a personal injury lawsuit to compensate for your losses. For many New Jersey residents, dealing with the…

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The Basics of Criminal Proceedings in the US Explained

Criminal trials in the US proceed according to the common law system inherited from the British. The system is accusatory in nature in that an open contest is held between the defending individual and the prosecuting authorities to determine the innocence or guilt of the individual accused. The judge and jury act as neutral arbitrators…

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Can a Person Sue a Company for a Carpal Tunnel Injury?

About six percent of all adults in the US suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), according to the American Academy of Family Physicians. This percentage may look small but in real numbers, it means about 19 million Americans suffer from the condition. CTS is a painful injury that affects the hands and the wrists. The…

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The Jones Act and Maritime Worker Injury Claims

Workers in the maritime industry such as deckhands, crew members, stevedores, longshoremen, and others can sue a shipping company if they suffer an injury while working on a ship. Laws are in place that specify that maritime workers should receive adequate compensation for financial, physical, or emotional hardships that they undergo while performing duties on…

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Three Things to Know Before Filing for a Divorce

Divorce is a painful experience that can lead to great emotional hardship for both partners. However, there are situations when the partners have to swallow this bitter pill for the good of both. Throughout their years of marriage, the partners may have shared various assets including property, bank accounts, cars, and even pets. All of…

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Can Video Evidence be Used in Court in DUI Cases?

Increasingly, video evidence is being presented in court by prosecuting counsel. An in-car camera presents an audio and visual record of the driving behavior of an individual before being stopped by police, as well as any statements made by the subject while taking DUI tests. In most cases, the arresting police officer will have a…

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Rickards Reappointed as Counsel to Ethics Board of Old Bridge

On January 4, 2017, the Township of Old Bridge Ethical Standards Board voted unanimously to reappoint Jordan B. Rickards as their official Board attorney. The Ethics Board consists of six members, appointed by the Township Council, tasked with investigating and ruling on allegations of violations of the Township Ethics Code (established under chapter 145 of…

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Family Law 101: The Risk of Spoiling Social Media Evidence

A person who deletes something of evidentiary value in bad faith can be prosecuted in court. Any action that is deemed by the court to spoil evidence can lead to potential litigation. Not many people are aware that deleting a social media account can also be considered an act to intentionally spoil incriminating evidence. Here…

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