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Archive for March 2019

Six Things That Can Make Criminal Penalties More Severe

Being charged with any type of crime in Middlesex County is a serious matter. Even an otherwise minor offense could result in serious penalties and having an experienced New Jersey criminal defense attorney on side will make a big difference. We can investigate your case, review the evidence against you, and negotiate with law enforcement…

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Stepparent Rights in New Jersey

Considering the number of single parents and divorces filed each year, blended families are increasingly common. The bond between a stepparent and a stepchild can be extremely close and just as strong as one that exists between a child and a biological parent. Unfortunately, while the rights of parents in regards to their children are…

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Seven Common Reasons for a Name Change

Your name is one of the first things other people learn about you. It may be their first impression, conveying any number of things about who you are. It is also something you yourself have to live with on a daily basis, so if your name is in any way uncomfortable for you or you…

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The Possible Advantages in Filing for Divorce First

Deciding to end your marriage is a major decision. There are numerous factors to consider, such as the reactions of family and friends, financial matters, and your ability to support yourself, and the care of any children you have with your spouse. In some cases, you may be hesitating to file for divorce because you…

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Getting the Help You Need: Domestic Violence Treatment Options

When domestic violence occurs in a home, it can have long-ranging impacts on all family members. As an experienced New Jersey family law attorney, our top priority is protecting you from your abuser and taking the steps needed to ensure your physical safety.  However, we also know that emotional recovery can take long months or…

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Can I be Charged With Possession of CBD Oil?

There is increasing new evidence in support of the benefits associated with cannabidiol, or CBD. A compound in the marijuana plant, it is credited for being useful in treating symptoms associated with a variety of potentially serious diseases, as well as for eliminating the pain and anxiety patients often experience. CBD oil is readily available…

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