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Can a Criminal Defense Attorney Get Charges Removed From My Criminal Record?


Criminal charges are a serious matter in New Jersey. Regardless of whether you are found guilty or innocent, your arrest will result in a criminal record that will follow you the rest of your life. This can have a potentially serious impact on your personal life, career, and your finances now and in the years to come. However, depending on the circumstances surrounding the situation, you may be entitled to an expungement of your record. While you are not required to have a New Jersey expungement attorney defend you in this type of matter, getting legal representation significantly increases your odds of clearing your name.

Getting Your Criminal Record Expunged


When you are charged with a crime and placed under arrest, it becomes a part of your permanent file and appears in background checks and public records where it can be seen by employers, social service agencies, personal service providers, or anyone who does a public search. Even if you were not convicted of the charges, this information raises questions about your character and can be used against you in situations such as when applying for a job or seeking a public service position.


An expungement can help to clear your name by erasing or sealing the records regarding the incident. Under Section 2C-52 of the New Jersey Statutes, you may be entitled to an expungement in the following situations:


  • You were charged with a crime but had your case dismissed;
  • You were arrested but acquitted on any criminal charges;
  • You were charged and referred to a deferred disposition or alternative treatment program;
  • You were convicted and completed the terms of your sentence.


In general, a criminal conviction may be expunged if it involves minor charges or a more serious crime that is a first offense. In these cases, the waiting period may be anywhere between two and six years after completion of your sentence, depending on the type of charges involved. There are certain offenses which are unable to be expunged, such as sexual assault, robbery, crimes involving children, human trafficking, and attempted homicide or murder.

Why You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney for an Expungement


The New Jersey Judiciary advises that while you are not required to have an attorney represent you in requesting an expungement, it is strongly recommended. Regulations governing the state criminal court system are confusing and complex for someone without a legal background and experience in these types of matters. While you may submit a Petition for Expungement on your own behalf, court personnel are unable to provide you with any type of legal advice or guidance regarding your specific case.


Getting our experienced Milltown expungement attorney on your case can end up saving you money in the long run. We can help eliminate the additional court costs that result due to errors and mistakes, while resolving the case and clearing your name in the most timely manner possible. Steps our office can take on your behalf include:


  • Locating the arrest records, indictments, docket numbers and other important information needed for an expungement;
  • Filing the appropriate legal pleadings and supporting documentation in your case;
  • Appearing on your behalf at hearings and before the judge;
  • Gathering the evidence needed to show why an expungement should be granted.

Let Our New Jersey Criminal Defense Attorney Assist You


When your reputation and livelihood are on the line, the Law Office Of Jordan B. Rickards provides legal representation you can trust. To discuss how we can help you, contact our East Brunswick expungement attorney and request a consultation today.

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