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Four Important Issues When Building a Strong Criminal Defense

New Jersey Criminal Defense Attorney

When facing charges related to any type of crime in New Jersey, it is important to immediately get an experienced, aggressive criminal defense attorney on your side. Attempting to handle the matter yourself or delaying legal representation increases the odds of a conviction and the harsh penalties associated with it. In many cases, a strong legal defense is about more than just the crime you are accused of. It is about what happened during your arrest and how matters are handled over the course of a trial. 

When you are in need of a strong legal defense, be sure to get in touch with Middlesex County lawyer Jordan B. Rickards! His aggressive style has won many cases, and he always gives each client the full attention they deserve. Call our office today to schedule a consultation, and read the following highlights four important issues that could have a significant impact on your case. 

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Issues That Can Result in Your Charges Being Reduced Or Dismissed

A conviction on criminal charges can impact every area of your life. In addition to fines and a potential jail sentence, even otherwise minor crimes remain a part of your permanent record and could prevent you from obtaining a job, education, homes, or loans. It can also have a major impact on your personal relationships with others and your rights in any family court proceedings in which you are involved. 

To protect yourself, get our experienced criminal defense attorneys on your side immediately. As part of building you a strong legal defense, factors we will consider include: 

1. Problems Concerning Your Apprehension and Arrest

You have constitutional rights covering interactions involving law enforcement. How your arrest was handled is one of the most relevant pieces of information in building a criminal defense. This involves the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which protects you against illegal searches and seizures. In all cases, police must have cause to detain you, whether they approach you in your vehicle, in your home, or when you are walking down the street. They must also have reasonable cause to search you and your property, and to seize anything which can be used as evidence.

2. Failure to Follow Proper Procedures in Court

Just as there are certain protections regarding the arrest and detainment of suspects, there are also rules regarding criminal procedures in the New Jersey Courts. Procedural errors in the arraignment or discovery process, in notifying you regarding court actions, and in scheduling hearings all work against you. As a result, these incidents may be used to invalidate the proceedings, and they are often factors in filing an appeal. It is always important to have an experienced New Jersey attorney at your side who knows when your case has not been handled correctly.

3. The Information and Evidence Used Against You

Evidence the police and prosecuting attorneys obtain plays a major role in your case. There must be ample evidence against you in order for charges to be brought. The attorneys at the Law Office of Jordan B. Rickards work with all the parties involved, reviewing any evidence in an effort to get your charges reviewed or dismissed. In addition, there are guidelines from the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice on the proper handling and storage of evidence. Any errors made could work to your advantage!

4. Your Rights to a Fair Trial

One of the most important rights you have as a United States citizen is the right to a fair trial. You are entitled to your day in court to present information about the case before a judge and jury of your peers. All court officials involved should be impartial, with no obvious attachments to the case or outcome. However, in communities such as Milltown and others across New Jersey, it is not uncommon for people in court proceedings to have had prior interactions or biases which could negatively impact you. We will always work to find a jury that is as impartial as possible so you can take part in fair court proceedings.

Get Help From Our Middlesex Criminal Defense Attorneys

At the Law Office of Jordan B. Rickards, Esq., one call is all it takes to get our experienced Milltown criminal law attorneys fighting on your side. We help to ensure your rights are protected while building you a strong legal defense. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

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