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Do You Really Need a Lawyer in Municipal Court?

Do You Really Need a Lawyer in Municipal Court?

Most people never have to spend even a day in court. When they do, it’s typically in the Municipal Court. Sometimes called “the people’s court,” Municipal Court handles matters ranging from traffic tickets to misdemeanor criminal offenses. For people who are required to appear in Municipal Court, it’s sometimes tempting to go it alone, largely because they believe legal representation to be prohibitively expensive.

This is a critical mistake.  A lawyer maybe expensive, but oftentimes going to court without a lawyer is considerably more expensive.

Many people don’t consider how serious the consequences of being found guilty in a matter before a Municipal Court can be. A defendant may face losing his driving privileges. Maybe being found guilty will give an individual with an otherwise clean record a criminal conviction. Moreover, a Municipal Court defendant may be required to pay substantial fines and may even be looking at a sentence in the county jail.

Clearly, the consequences in Municipal Court matters can be serious and far reaching. Chances are good that you’ve never made a court appearance before, and this isn’t the type of situation where it’s wise to learn through trial and error. You need experienced, competent legal advice and someone who can defend your rights.

Legal representation in Municipal Court likely costs a good deal less than you imagine. Indeed, the very aim of a defense attorney is to get the charges against you reduced or dismissed, hiring legal counsel can really be seen as a bargain.

Being required to appear in Municipal Court is distressing. You aren’t familiar with the process the way that the other participants are. This grants them significant advantages. However, you can gain some advantages of your own by engaging a seasoned defense attorney. Call or click today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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