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Family Law 101: What is a Domestic Violence Injunction?

Domestic violence is all too common in the US. Statistics compiled by the National Coalition against Domestic Violence (NCAD) show that every year an average of one million individuals are abused by an intimate partner. Moreover, more than 20,000 phone calls are made every day to hotlines nationwide regarding domestic violence.

Unfortunately, many victims of domestic abuse silently suffer mainly due to fear of the negative consequences it will bring upon the family. However, there is no excuse for anyone to put their life in constant danger due to domestic abuse. It is important that you contact an experienced family attorney to file for a domestic violence injunction, which we will discuss in detail in this article.

What is a Domestic Violence Injunction?

A domestic violence injunction is a court order that puts certain restrictions on the abusive partner. The abuser may be ordered to avoid coming near you, contacting you, or abusing you in any manner. It may also order the abuser to leave the house and also pay money to the victim.

The exact legal definition of domestic violence varies among states. However, the National Center for State Courts Guide to Statistical Reporting defines domestic violence as any criminal case that involves coercion, intimidation, or violence by one household or family member to another.

The court may initially issue an emergency protection order that protects the victim from the abuser for a limited period such as two to seven days. Afterwards, a permanent protection order may be given to protect the victim from the abuser. The individual may seek the protection order in family court with the help of a professional family attorney.

When Should You Seek a Domestic Violence Injunction?

A domestic violence injunction should be sought if you are a frequent victim of domestic abuse. If the abuse does not stop, it is important that you take immediate action and seek legal protection. A domestic violence injunction can be an effective remedy to the vicious cycle of abuse. It is extremely important to seek the injunction if the abuser threatens or abuses your children as well.

It is your responsibility as a parent to ensure a safe living conditions for your children. Through a domestic violence injunction, you can gain custody of your children. The last place you should feel in danger of your life is your home. You should not let your partner make your life a living nightmare; instead, seek immediate legal help to stop the abuse.

You can contact a professional family attorney to file a domestic violence injunction against the household or family member. The family lawyer will gather and present evidence to ensure the best possible outcome of your case.


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