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Seven Common Reasons for a Name Change

Your name is one of the first things other people learn about you. It may be their first impression, conveying any number of things about who you are. It is also something you yourself have to live with on a daily basis, so if your name is in any way uncomfortable for you or you feel it is not reflective of who you are, there is no reason not to pursue a legal name change.


Considering a Name Change?


The name you were given when you were born is one you have carried your whole life and it likely has some emotional attachment for you. It is natural to have concerns or doubts about wanting to change it. However, it is important to recognize that name changes are common. Think of all the actors who have undergone name changes. (Vin Diesel’s real name is Mark Sinclair). Odds are, you have friends or acquaintances who have changed their names in the past, though you may not be aware of it.


There is no right or wrong reason for changing your name, but knowing some of the common reasons why others go through the process may help validate your decision:


  1. Your name is awkward or difficult to pronounce. Having a name that is awkward to say phonetically and difficult to spell or pronounce can get tiresome over the years. Changing your name or even just the spelling can help alleviate this.
  2. You prefer your name to be more or less reflective of your background. Perhaps you want your name to better reflect your heritage or you are tired of people hearing your name and inquiring as to your ethnicity.  Both of these are common reasons to make a change.
  3. You consider your name too common. If there are four people who share your name in your office, you may want something that will allow you to stand out a bit more.  MagnifyMoney states that there is little doubt your name can have an impact on your professional success.
  4. Your name is the same as someone famous/infamous. Having the same name as a famous actor, author, or musician can elicit unwanted comments and a tedious stream of comparisons. The same goes if you share the same name as someone infamous, such as a criminal.
  5. You want your name to reflect your gender. If you are transgender, the name you were born with may not reflect the person you actually are. This is a common reason for clients to consider a legal name change.
  6. You got married but do not want to follow former traditions. In the past, a wife took her husband’s name when they got married. Today, there are more options. Couples may choose to have the husband take the wife’s name or may even combine their names to create an entirely new last name instead.
  7. You feel your name is not reflective of who you are. You may have no other reason for wanting to change your name other than that your current name simply does not ‘feel right’ to you or you think another name feels more comfortable and reflective of who you are. Seeking a name change is your right and you do not even have to have any one specific reason for it.


Discuss Your Options With Our New Jersey Name Change Attorney


At the Law Office of Jordan B. Rickards, Esq., we can advise you on all the details surrounding a name change while filing the appropriate paperwork on your behalf. To request a consultation regarding your options, contact our Milltown family law attorney today.




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