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Three Tips for Early Reinstatement of a Driver’s License

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The stakes of driving under the influence (DUI) are high. A person convicted of this offense has to pay penalties and even serve a jail term. Most often, the driver’s license of the person convicted of a DUI offense is suspended. Getting the license back requires fulfilling certain requirements that are set by the state court.

In this article, we will share 3 tips that DUI convicts can follow for early reinstatement of their driver’s licenses.

1. Fulfill Court Requirements

Meeting requirements set by the court is essential for regaining one’s driving license. A DUI convict must pay all outstanding court fines and costs, and complete any DUI classes or alcohol counseling that is ordered by the court. Also, the DUI convict will have to present a Notice of Driver’s License Suspension letter to the DMV to get their driver’s license back.

2. Install a Breathalyzer Ignition Interlock Device

After a DUI conviction, one may be required to install a Breathalyzer ignition interlock device in order to obtain a special restricted license. Once this device is installed, the DUI convict is permitted to drive the vehicle.  The condition is also applicable to any company car that the person uses for commuting to work.

A DUI convict is ordered to install such a device when convicted of driving under the influence of prescription medication, alcohol, or marijuana or other illegal drugs. The device may also be required to be installed if a person has been charged with refusal to take a blood or Breathalyzer test.

3. Convince the Court to Reinstate the Driving License

A person convicted of a DUI offense can hire a professional DUI attorney to convince the court that the suspension of the driver’s license has led to undue hardships. The lawyer will gather evidence to convince the court that the person convicted of the offense should be issued a special restricted driver’s license.

The DUI attorney can present evidence in court to show that he or she has trouble commuting to work or going to the hospital. Also, the attorney can try to convince to the court that the convicted person will drive responsibly and will not pose a risk to the public safety if the driver’s license is reinstated.

In the end, the suspension of a driver’s license usually results in great hardship to the individual. A person whose license is suspended cannot drive a car to go to work, drop kids off at school, or visit a hospital. An experienced DUI lawyer in your area can assess your situation and discuss options with you about possible ways to get early reinstatement of your driver’s license if it has been revoked after a DUI offense.


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