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What You Should Know About Changing Your Name Legally in the US

One might want to change their name legally for a number of reasons at any point in their life. Some change the name they were given at birth after marriage, or divorce, while others do so to become a naturalized American citizen or after religious conversion. Whatever the reasons for changing one’s name, there are certain requirements that must be fulfilled before individuals can legally change their name in the US.

Here, we will take a brief look at some of general legal requirements that must be fulfilled for the person to change his or her name.

Legal Requirements for Change in Name

The requirements for name change in the US are outlined in the relevant state codes. Although the specific requirements differ, the basic rules for changing your name in all the states are the same. A person must get approval from a local state judge after fulfilling certain requirements for legally changing their name. Persons that have been convicted of a crime have to fulfill additional requirements that differ in each state to change their name legally.

You need to submit a Change of Name form at your local courthouse. Moreover, there are a number of documents that must be submitted with the online form. Again the specifics about the documents differ in each state. Some of the documents you may be required to submit in the court include Original Petition for Change of Name, Affidavit of Change of Name, and Final Order of Change of Name.

The change of name form can be found online or at local courthouses. You can also get the form from an attorney. Whatever route you take, make sure that the form is the most recent one and legally valid. An outdated form will be rejected when submitted in the court.

Final Words of Advice!

As long as the name change is done for valid and harmless reasons, you may be given the green light for the change in name. However, keep in mind that the decision about the change in name is in the hands of the judge. You have to convince the judge by giving reasonable explanation about your decision to change your name.

At this point, you can greatly increase your chances of a successful name change by enlisting the assistance of a reputable attorney. An attorney can guide you in preparing a professional case by taking care of all the legal hassles involved in changing your name.

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