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Three Things to Know Before Filing for a Divorce

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Divorce is a painful experience that can lead to great emotional hardship for both partners. However, there are situations when the partners have to swallow this bitter pill for the good of both.

Throughout their years of marriage, the partners may have shared various assets including property, bank accounts, cars, and even pets. All of this makes the divorce proceedings more complex and unnerving. You can lessen the complications involved in a divorce by hiring a professional family attorney.

A family lawyer can guide you in successfully navigating through the divorce proceedings. In addition, the family attorney can discuss with you the following three important topics that pertain to divorce cases.

1. Present Financial Situation

Before heading to a court for a divorce, you need to discuss with your attorney the present financial situation of both partners. It’s important to know your spouse’s income, assets, expenses, and liabilities. Also, you should know the employee benefits of your spouse and any life, disability, or health insurance policies. Also, you should view credit reports to uncover additional information regarding his or her financial situation.

2. Health Insurance Policy

Keep in mind that employer-sponsored health insurance usually covers both spouses. Such coverage ends after a divorce is filed in court. However, a professional family attorney can have the coverage extended through a court order under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) of 1985 that allows health benefits to continue for a limited time period under special circumstances.

If you are covered by your spouse’s health insurance policy, it’s important that you find alternatives to this policy, such as by joining your own employer-sponsored plan or buying a private insurance plan. Either way, you need to understand the possible expense that may occur when you opt for another health insurance plan; knowing this can be helpful when finalizing the final divorce agreement.

3. Shared Property

If you co-own property, you must consult with your attorney to learn what would happen to the property in the event of a divorce. In some cases, the court orders the divorcing couple to sell the property. This is usually the case when neither partner could afford to lose the property. However, in some cases, the property is handed over to one spouse. It’s important that you know what may happen to such property by discussing this issue with your attorney before filing for divorce.

3. Child Custody

Probably the most important thing to discuss with your attorney is what will happen to your children. It pays to know exactly what you want in terms of spending time with your kids. Also, consult you’re your attorney to learn about child support that may need to be paid to your partner in the event of a divorce.

A professional family attorney can help make the divorce process easier for you. Getting the help of an attorney can help reduce the frustrations and tension involved in fighting a divorce case. In addition, it helps increase the chance of the best possible outcome for you.



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