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Rickards Wins $150,000 Arbitration Award in Auto Accident Case

The Law Office of Jordan B. Rickards, Esq., LLC, working as “of counsel” to Weinman & Arango, LLC, has secured a $150,000 arbitration award on behalf of a client who was struck by a passing motorist in Spotswood in 2010. The motorist had claimed that he had never seen the pedestrian, even though he was supposedly paying attention to the road and his lights were working. The award was given after reports were presented from an accident reconstructionist who opined that the driver was likely exceeding the speed limit by approximately 10 miles per hour. Additional reports unearthed during the discovery process revealed that the driver had an extensive history of driving infractions — including two license suspensions — along with a pattern of getting into car accidents and then claiming he had never seen the person or vehicle that he had hit.

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