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Six Estate Planning Resolutions for the New Year


While people are often quick to make New Year’s Eve resolutions only to forget about them midway through January, there are some concrete actions you can and should take now, which can protect you and your loved ones in the years to come. At the Law Office Of Jordan B.…

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New Tax Laws May Impact Spousal Support in 2019


Divorce can have a devastating impact on every area of your life, especially when it comes to your finances. If your spouse earned significantly more than you or you gave up your career or education in favor of caring for your home, the marriage, and any children you have together,…

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Falsely Accused of a Sex Crime?


Being falsely accused of a crime is among the worst experiences anyone can ever have.  Being falsely accused of a sex crime is especially damaging, as even the accusation can destroy one’s reputation for a lifetime. For decades, victims kept silent regarding incidents of sexual abuse due to a fear…

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Understanding How the New Jersey Juvenile Justice System Works


For parents, having a child get into trouble with the Juvenile Justice System is often one of their worst nightmares. A parent feels fear and anxiety when thinking about the criminal penalties the child faces and how it will affect his or her future. There is also often a feeling…

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Why Older Couples Need a Prenuptial Agreement


A prenuptial agreement can be useful for couples of any age. Between the high divorce rate and the better quality of life older adults generally experience today, it is not uncommon for couples to fall in love and get married well into their 50s, 60s, and beyond. Age, maturity, and…

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Getting Retirement Benefits in Divorce


Filing for divorce not only signifies the end of your marriage, but it also signals the end of any hopes and plans you may have had with your spouse for a future together, including how your retirement benefits will be divided. This can be a scary prospect, particularly if you…

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When Verbal Abuse Rises to the Level of Domestic Violence


For women or anyone who has been the victim of verbal abuse, coming forward and getting the legal help and emotional support they need can be an intimidating process. Unfortunately, they may have either gotten used to downplaying the situation or they may mistakenly blame themselves for the abuser’s actions.…

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Officer Involved Shootings: Protecting Yourself in Interactions With Law Enforcement


While we are indebted to local and state police for keeping our communities safe, a troubling trend has caught national attention. Officer-involved shootings continue to make headlines throughout the country, with controversy over the use of deadly force. A recent case proved fatal for a Millvale man, as authorities continue…

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Choosing an Executor/Administrator for Your Will


Having a legal, valid, and up-to-date will in place is crucial to ensuring that the people you love inherit from your estate, while helping them to avoid the time consuming and costly probate processes. In addition to a thorough inventory of assets and distributions you want made, one of the…

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Misdemeanor and Felony Charges in New Jersey


Being charged with any type of crime is a serious matter. In addition to the possible criminal penalties you face, such as fines, court costs, and the potential for a jail sentence, your charges can have long-ranging impacts in other areas of your life. A conviction means a criminal record…

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Uncontested Divorce? Why You Still Need an Experienced Family Law Attorney


Divorce has a profound effect on every area of your life. Even in cases in which you and your spouse are on amicable terms, going through the process can pose a significant threat to both your emotional and financial security. In addition to making the adjustment to being single again…

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Should You Opt for a Separation Prior to Getting Divorced?


Filing a divorce is a major decision and nothing to rush into. While in some circumstances, the choice to legally end your marriage is obvious, there are others in which you may have doubts. Going through the process of a separation can be a way to get more clarity about…

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