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Four Important Issues When Building a Strong Criminal Defense

New Jersey Criminal Defense Attorney

When facing charges related to any type of crime in New Jersey, it is important to immediately get an experienced, aggressive criminal defense attorney on your side. Attempting to handle the matter yourself or delaying legal representation increases the odds of a conviction and the harsh penalties associated with it. In many cases, a strong…

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Prohibitions Against Owning a Gun for Medical Marijuana Users

Changes in marijuana laws have swept through the country. For residents of New Jersey, it has been a rollercoaster ride. The medical marijuana program is a target of frequent legislation as more qualifying conditions are added or changed on a regular basis. Recreational use has been a hot topic lately, with voters expected to make…

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How to Make Sharing Custody Easier for You and Your Child

When parents divorce, one of their primary concerns is the health and well-being of their children. Depending on the details surrounding the situation, the court is likely to require that the parents work together in sharing child custody. Disputes and disagreements between the parties often make doing so difficult and can have a detrimental effect…

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When a Child Results From an Extra-Marital Affair

Adultery is one of the most difficult and painful issues for married couples. A partner can stray for a variety of reasons, and reconciliation is possible, leading to the couple moving on to enjoy a stronger, healthier marriage as a result. However, forgiveness is not an easy process and there are times when it may…

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Protecting Your Reputation When Facing Criminal Charges

Criminal charges wreak havoc on your life. A criminal conviction remains a part of your permanent record, potentially preventing you from obtaining jobs, going to school, or holding positions within the community. As background checks and internet searches are now a part of everyday life, the damage to your reputation alone can be extensive. As…

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How Powers of Attorney Can Help Prevent Guardianship Proceedings

Unexpected events can keep you from making important decisions, managing your general finances, and attending to other important business. When this occurs, someone else may need to handle these matters for you. Unfortunately, this is not a simple situation. Access to bank accounts and authority in business, property, and personal transactions is something that must…

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Five Common Types of Domestic Abuse That Impact a Divorce Case

Even when spouses agree on ending their marriage and getting a divorce, heated disagreements can arise during the legal process. Some divorce proceedings are more contentious than others, particularly if there are disputes over money, property, or children. Unfortunately, the loss of control your former partner is likely experiencing and the strong emotions involved can…

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