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$1 Million Settlement for Sexual Assault

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In this civil case against the State of New Jersey, Mr. Rickards, along with co-counsel Yan Rudikh, Esq. and Zlata Rudikh, Esq., represented the victim of a former probation officer. This officer previously pleaded guilty to sexual assault by extorting and threatening to send the client — Ms. V.M. — to jail if she did not submit to his demands. According to the prosecutors, the victim’s probation officer committed “an abusive sextortion scheme,” which violated the public’s trust.

V.M. was told that if she did not comply with her probation officer’s sexual demands, he would violate her probation, and her freedom would be at stake. The ex-probation officer sent V.M., a probationer in Drug Court, voluminous text messages demanding that she have sex with him or risk going to jail.

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V.M. originally retained Rudikh & Associates, who later brought Mr. Rickards into the case to help sue the State of New Jersey on behalf of the victim. Rickards drafted the 28-count lawsuit, handled all court-related matters, and was the primary advocate in the settlement talks for the plaintiff. Together, Rickards and Rudikh & Associates were able to achieve a $1 million settlement for the plaintiff.

If you have been the victim of sexual abuse of any kind, please contact our office at 732-297-8200 for zealous, experienced representation.

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