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State of New Jersey v. P.M.: Assisting Suicide

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In this homicide case, Mr. Rickards’ client was charged with Second Degree Aiding Suicide, Obstruction of Law, and Tampering with Physical Evidence. Mr. M., a 79-year-old man, was accused of assisting his terminally ill wife to commit suicide with a firearm at their Parsippany, New Jersey home.

The State alleged that in the afternoon of March 15, 2019, Mr. M. called 911 stating that he found his wife in his home’s garage with a gunshot wound. Upon initial questioning by the police, the State alleged that Mr. M. admitted to having assisted his wife in the commission of her suicide, claimed that he made inconsistent statements as to the time of her death, and concealed or tampered with physical evidence.

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At the pre-detention hearing, the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office demanded that Mr. M. remain in jail pending his trial. However, Mr. Rickards was able to convince the Court to release his client without bail.

The State’s initial plea offer demanded that Mr. M. serve a custodial sentence which would equate to some jail or prison time. However, Mr. Rickards, through zealous advocacy, convinced prosecutors that Mrs. M.’s death was not the result of her husband’s actions, but rather resulted from other causes. As a result, Mr. Rickards was able to get the State to reduce the charges to Fourth Degree Aiding Suicide. Originally facing a potential sentence of up to 10 years in prison, Mr. M. pleaded guilty to Fourth Degree Aiding Suicide and received a one-year probation sentence.

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